Universal Connectivity for all Boiler Manufacturers

Operate all boilers, regardless of make, model, or bus protocol, with the universal wireless thermostat.

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Features and Benefits

Universal Compatibility

When connected with BCM, our wireless thermostat is able to operate with all boiler manufacturers, regardless of the make, model or even bus protocol, believed to be the only thermostat on the UK market with universal compatibility.

Boiler Plus Compliant

Our wireless universal thermostat is fully boiler plus compliant by modulating the heating temperature to save energy and increase the life of the boiler.

Simple Control

As a fully wireless device, our wireless thermostat is easy to install in under 10 minutes. Once up and running, the user can program a seven-day schedule.

Benefits of BCM

Additionally to a universal thermostat, all benefits of BCM will also be available, including real time monitoring and the advanced management features.

What's the process?


Survey and Analysis

Firstly, it is important to understand your current assets, the number and costs of maintenance call-outs, and the cost of OEM thermostats. 



In a consultation with our team we will work to create a business case tailored to suit your needs.


Install and Commission

Install your BCM and Wireless Universal Thermostat and use the engineers app to commission them.


Enjoy Benefits of BCM

Use BCM's features to manage and monitor the health of your boiler stock.


Be More Proactive

Create a proactive workload to lower stress and improve morale among your engineers.

Wireless Universal Thermostat


Complete ecosystem to support remote autonomous building management 

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